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what are easy Freelancing skills to learn for Beginners


what are easy Freelancing skills to learn for Beginners

Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular. A recent Upwork and Edelman study shows that as many as 90 million Americans will be freelancing by 2028. With good reason. With the flexibility of choosing the projects you want, your rate, whom you want to work with, and more. 

 Entering the unfamiliar field of freelancing is not simple. However, the reality is that some top skills for freelancers may be picked up for nothing. There are many talents you may learn to complement what you already do as a freelancer thanks to the free programs and tutorials available online, not to mention the option of creating new chances to make a living.

There is a lot of scope to increase your earnings and marketability by learning new skills to support the ones you already depend on to pay your bills or travel the world, especially since so many projects have common points, such as web design and copywriting or Android coding and graphic design.

Let’s start with what makes a great freelance job great. Money was the most obvious factor I considered. It makes sense to want to know what the highest-paying freelancing jobs are. Remember that the amount of money you can make with a particular freelance career will be determined by various factors, including the niche, your skill level, how you set your rates, and how well you market your abilities to clients. To give you an idea, I’ve included an estimated hourly wage.

 What benefits and drawbacks does freelancing offer?

 The advantages and disadvantages of working as a freelancer are as follows:

 Advantages of freelancing

 Here are some benefits of being a freelancer:

1. Work at your own pace, from home, and around your studies with flexible hours.

2. Healthy work-life balance  You can take regular breaks and go out to see pals when there are no rules.

3. Freedom over your work – You may choose which assignments to do, so there’s no harm in declining a task if it will take too long or doesn’t pay well enough.

 4.Foreign customers –  Since most freelance work is done online, independent contractors can collaborate with individuals worldwide.

5. Possibility of making a lot of money You can make an unlimited amount of money if you have the correct reputation.

 Drawbacks of freelancing

 The drawbacks of being a freelancer are as follows:

 1.   Paying  taxes on time –  Our instructions can assist you in completing self-assessment tax returns, which can be challenging.

 2. Instable revenue – It’s not always simple to find commissions, and you can have to cope with late payments.

3.  Interruptions at home – When you set your own hours, it can be challenging to maintain discipline and avoid procrastinating or sleeping in too late.

4.  The  job market is competitive –  Many people will submit applications for the greatest projects, so you’ll need to work hard to develop experience and distinguish your application.

5.  Working alone – Since you’ll be doing the majority of your work alone from home, it can grow lonely. In order to locate someone to hang out with while you work, search for freelance groups on social media platforms like Facebook or Meet Up.

 What jobs are available to you as a freelancer?

 Almost any skill can be used and sold through freelancing, from the exquisite to the absurd. Some top  freelance jobs for college students are listed below:

 Top online freelance jobs


 The average hourly wage is $30.

 Why not turn your bilingualism into a lucrative freelance gig?

Translation services from a living, breathing human (not Google Translate) will remain in demand as the world and businesses become more globalized. Written documents, speech (phone calls, meetings, and lectures), movie subtitles, YouTube videos, and so on could be translated. Of course, you must be fluent in the language you are solving.

 Video editor:

 The average hourly wage is $27.

 It’s no secret that there’s a demand for well-edited videos, with social media platforms increasingly focusing on video and 9 out of 10 businesses using video content as a primary marketing tool.


 Maybe a good fit if you enjoy typing but aren’t interested in the creative writing process. It’s an excellent freelance opportunity for both beginners and experts. Transcription is converting an audio recording into a written document; this could include transcribing meetings, lectures, and other events. You could earn a lot of money, depending on the industry and the importance of what you’re transcribing. To get started and succeed in the long run, you’ll need high-quality headphones, strong research skills, and the ability to type quickly.

 Data analyst:

 The average hourly wage is $3.

 Although editing videos requires expertise, businesses, are eager to delegate this task to professionals.

 The demand for data analysts is still high! Indeed, job opportunities in this field are expected to grow faster than the average, making this one of the best online freelance jobs. A data analyst collects and analyses data to assist businesses in solving problems and making sound decisions.

A technical understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL), reading statistics, data visualization, and other skills are required to work as a data analyst. While a degree is not required to start, you must learn the necessary skills. However, this could be an excellent career path if you enjoy problem-solving and have a keen eye for detail.


 Average pay: $19-$45/hour

 If you have a way with words and enjoy the science of functional language, becoming a freelance copywriter might be an excellent match for you. Copywriting is a type of writing that uses persuasion to generate sales. A copywriter is most likely responsible for the reports you see on product websites, online ads, brand emails, and other places. Though there is some overlap, the two are not the same—but I’ll talk more about content writing below.

 Voice over actor:  

The average hourly wage is $30

 Are you known for having a pleasant or articulate voice? If this is the case, becoming a freelance voice-over actor may be an applicable option. Voice-over acting is, in fact, one of the best freelance jobs for beginners. You don’t need prior experience to begin freelancing with this—just a clear voice and convincing delivery. As the name implies, a freelance voice-over actor provides voice-over services (their voice played over media without making a physical appearance), which can be used for online videos, TV or radio, video games, or even film. Due to the nature of the work, this is a freelance position, typically priced per project rather than per hour. Fiverr, one of the most popular freelance platforms, is a well-known source of voice acting opportunities. Over 3,000 sellers list their voice-over services, with their top-rated talent starting at $200 for short voice-overs and some with over 1,000 buyers who have purchased their services—you do the math.

 Content writer:

The average hourly wage is $25

 One of the best freelance jobs for beginners to start with is content writing. You probably already know how to write. And if you know you have a talent for it, you’ll quickly find people willing to pay you to create blog content, web articles, e-books, and other types of content. If you enjoy writing but are unsure of your abilities, follow my advice and don’t let perfectionism prevent you from starting and improving as you go. You’ve most likely heard the phrase “content is king,” and it’s true. Companies rely on content writing to build brand awareness, authority, and relationships with online audiences. To summarize, this is a field that is still in high demand. A quick search on Upwork reveals 6,260 content writing jobs currently available, ranging from entry-level to expert. Remember that content writing is more competitive for beginners, but once you get established, the jobs will keep coming in. One great way to differentiate yourself as a content writer is to brush up on your SEO knowledge. If you’re looking for great writing opportunities, I highly recommend it.

 Resume Writing

 Apparently, resumes frighten people for some reason. It’s really just a different kind of sales copywriting. Simply visit LinkedIn and conduct a search for the most successful person you personally know to learn how to construct a strong CV. Use their website as inspiration, and once you’ve perfected your own CV, you shouldn’t have any trouble doing the same for others.

 What kind of earnings are possible as a freelancer?

 There are two methods to get paid as a freelancer: by the hour or with a fixed fee for each assignment.
 Unfortunately, when employment is remote, you frequently have international competition for the finest positions. Additionally, it may be impossible to compete with their rates and earn the minimum wage if they reside in a developing nation where living expenses are significantly lower.
You must craft a compelling application or pitch if you want to stand out from the competition and receive the pay you deserve. If you can convince potential clients that you have specialized or unusual skills, you might be able to demand a greater wage.

 The best sites for finding freelance work

 There are several reputable websites available for anyone looking to start a freelancing career. Some are more specialized than others in bringing in customers and employees for a specific industry.

 Four of the top websites for finding freelance employment are listed below


Two of the most popular freelancing marketplaces, Elance and oDesk, amalgamated to form Upwork at the start of 2014.

One of the largest businesses of its kind, Upwork boasts more than 12 million registered freelancers and five million clients.

They host a variety of tasks, from smaller, hourly-paid jobs with start-ups to bigger ones with some incredibly well-known clientele.


  Freelancer is a fairly easy-to-use website. It’s simple to register, and once you are, you can list up to 20 abilities. Then, it searches for positions that complement your skills. is a very welcoming business. They even offered to let freelancers use their workstations at one point—
On this site, clients frequently indicate the budget they’re willing to stick to for a project. The salary is often not bad, and we once came across a position that involved creating a new corporate slogan. They had a tidy £287 budget.


 The three websites mentioned above are likely your top options as you look for freelance job. But there is one more peculiar website that must be mentioned, and that is Fiverr.
Originally, this website served as a marketplace where individuals from all over the world could list their offerings for the princely amount of $5 (about £4*).

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