How to monetize a face book page or in-stream video 2022?

What is a face book?

Facebook is a social networking website where users can talk live, view short-form video, post comments, exchange photos, and link to news or other noteworthy online material.

Shared content can be made available to the general public, shared only with a small circle of close friends or family, or shared with a single person.

Why Facebook Started

At Harvard University, Facebook started as a campus-based social network in February 2004. It was made by college students Edward Savarin and Mark Zuckerberg together. It wasn’t until 2006 that

The success of Facebook can be due to its capacity to appeal to both individuals and organizations as well as to engage with other websites by offering a single login that can be used on different websites.

Have you ever thought about why people use Facebook?

After all, there are additional ways to communicate on the internet, like email, instant messaging, and others. Facebook stands out from other social media platforms because of its ability to connect and share with the people you care about all at once.

Similar to having your own email address, many people now consider having a Facebook account to be a need for using the internet. Due to Facebook’s widespread usage, other websites have also pushed to incorporate it. This suggests that you can use a single Facebook account to sign in to a variety of Web services.

Discover how Facebook may be an effective tool for small businesses.

• With more than 2.91 billion active users, Facebook is a key platform for social media marketing and small company sales.

• A Facebook business page may help you reach clients and provide important details about your enterprise, its goods and services, and forthcoming events.

• Facebook and Messenger advertisements are incredibly efficient and targeted ways to reach potential clients.

• This post is for proprietors of small businesses who are interested in enhancing their social media marketing and advertising tactics through the use of Facebook.

Facebook Business Pages: What Are They?

A Facebook Company Page functions similarly to a free business webpage that organisations can use to increase their online visibility. Your Facebook Business Page has the same features as a personal Facebook profile, including the ability to send and receive messages, make updates, receive alerts, and engage with other users’ material by liking, sharing, and commenting.

You’ll need your Page to stand out from the crowd given how many businesses have a Facebook presence if you want to get people to pay attention to your company. The numerous advantages of Facebook Business Pages may persuade you to put in the effort if you’re unsure whether it’s worthwhile to distinguish your business on Facebook.

Facebook can aid in developing your online brand.

As consumer interest in mobile and social media purchasing continues to expand, having a strong online presence is more crucial than ever. Facebook may offer you the best chance to reach customers both locally and internationally.

According to Statistic, no other social network can provide your business with a comparable level of potential exposure as Facebook, which has over 2.9 billion monthly members. When compared to other platforms, Facebook offers the most integration options, such as follow buttons, account logins, and photo sharing, as it was the first and biggest social media network to experience popular success. These resources can direct clients back to your company’s website and other online materials you want to emphasized.

Facebook Pages may generate revenue.

Even though you might be wondering how to make money on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, or TikTok, there is still value in the tried-and-true Facebook platform. On Facebook which was first social media platform, you may still earn 100 percent, and as a content producer, it’s a real route for both your pocket and your audience. The audience is there—Facebook counts more than four billion video views per day!

Do I need to make money off Facebook?

Make sure it’s worthwhile to monetize your Facebook Page before you start. Facebook monetization is not something you can start right away because there is a larger entry hurdle than with certain other social media networks.

You should start with your other social media platforms. You should know that Instagram is owned by the same parent company as Facebook, Meta, it’s important to monitor the interest in and engagement on your page. This suggests that some of your followers may have connected their Facebook and Instagram accounts, making it a little simpler to convince them to join you!

You’ll be well on your way to maximizing Facebook monetization if you can persuade your fans to engage with your social media sites rather than merely follow them.

Relating to the monetization regulations

Facebook Pages can monetize their content to generate revenue. However, doing so  demands devotion to specific rules. Our monetization requirements are divided into following categories:

Community Guidelines

These are our guiding principles for handling offensive content that shows graphic violence, naughty behavior, and hate speech. Most of the time, even non-monetized content is required to abide by these guidelines. Explore Facebook’s Community Standards in greater detail.

Policies for Partner Monetization

Usually, these requirements apply at the Page level. They speak to the overall behaviour of your Page. They cover guidelines for the information your Page produces, how it is shared, and how your Page accepts and processes payments online. Find out more information about our Partner Monetization Standards.

Policies for Content Monetization

Normally, the content level is where these laws are applicable. They discuss the specific topic of each video and post that your Page posts. They include prohibitions on content that is violent, sexual, illegal, graphic, or vulgar. Find out more about the standards for content monetization.

The offences and the appeals

In Creator Studio, you may check at any moment whether a specific Page or video is monetizable. You can appeal a restriction placed on one of your videos or Pages to reviews team if you think it was done in error.

Is Facebook a platform for making money?

On Facebook, you can make money by using in-stream or quick article advertisements. With ads, you can make money online from the advertisements that appear on your Facebook page once it has been monetized

Type of exclusive content

Finding the ideal balance is difficult with the subscription-based monetization strategy. Regular visitors still need a tone of interesting stuff, so you’ll need to come up with something “special” for your subscribers.

– Posts available only to subscribers – Locked polls, votes, and tests

– Content from behind-the-scenes

– A Q&A session for supporters exclusively

The idea is to continue producing regular content, as well as something unique for your subscribers. You also want to give them a chance to engage with you directly and decide what kinds of content they want to see on your page.

Instructions for Subscriptions. 

  More than 250 return views, 10,000 followers,  More than 50,000 post engagements and 180,000 minutes of watch time in the last 60 days, respectively

You can always check if you do or do not match these standards by going to Facebook’s Creative Studio and choosing Monetization.

Creating subscriptions for your Facebook page

Before you can begin earning money from your Facebook subscribers, there are quite a few technical requirements you must take care of in addition to completing the qualifying requirements. If you already have an eligible page, follow the instructions to complete the process.

The procedures you must follow to set up subscribers on your Facebook page are as follows:

Start by going to the Creator Studio.

2. Click Start Setup after selecting the page you wish to enable subscriptions on.

3. Review the terms and conditions and accept them.

4. Establish your payment account by connecting your Facebook page to an active bank or PayPal account.

5. Decide which advantages your subscribers will get.

6. Select the subscription price; experts typically suggest starting at $5.

7. Click “Activate Subscriptions” after your request has been accepted (you’ll receive notification).

Ads that appear in-stream

Another excellent option to monetize your Facebook videos is through in-stream adverts.

When we say that an advertisement is “in-stream,” we mean that it plays while a video is being “streamed.” Live videos are not required. Ads aren’t really played during live streams, but they can be added subsequently when you post a live video’s recorded version to your page.

In-stream advertisements perform similarly to in-stream advertisements on YouTube in that they are automatically inserted into your videos.

The only things you need to be concerned with are monetization eligibility and producing interesting, long-form content that will hold viewers’ attention long enough for them to endure the adverts and keep watching your videos.

Facebook will provide you full control over the many ad categories that will appear in your videos as well as comprehensive information on the performance of your content.

How can be eligible for in-stream video monetization?

– According to Facebook’s Monetization Policies – Have at least 10,000 Facebook page followers

– In the last 60 days, had at least 30,000 one-minute videos for three-minute videos (or longer).

– Age of majority: 18

– Reside in a nation that accepts in-stream advertising

In-stream advertisement setup is not too difficult. You only need to allow in-stream adverts from the Creator Studio if your page qualifies. You must decide between automatic placements and your own selections, as well as the language of the video. The rest will be handled by Facebook.

How to create engaging content and make money on Facebook videos

We’ve addressed the technical parts of monetizing Facebook videos, now it’s time to discuss a little bit about the actual content.

It is evident from Facebook’s qualifying requirements for various forms of revenue that the network is placing a strong premium on engagement.

. You must make sure that your audience is regularly receiving high-quality, interesting video material if you want to start earning money on Facebook.

Most people avoid watching films because they think editing them requires a lot of time and effort and that they lack the requisite abilities. Even while you won’t become a skilled video editor overnight, you can still produce beautiful videos that your viewers will love.

Utilize any video making tool to quickly produce amazing videos.

Even if you have no prior expertise with video editing, you can create stunning videos in no time with the appropriate tool.

In order to help you get started with any video making tool straight away, Facebook also gives you access to a three-minute video tutorials.

After editing is complete, you can export your video or instantly upload it to Facebook and YouTube.

Profit from in-stream advertisements in your videos.

By incorporating brief video or image advertisements into acceptable videos, in-stream adverts assist eligible video makers in making money. The money made from the video commercials that viewers see is split among the creators. To watch the next segment of the advertisement, viewers must finish it. Viewers will likely see several advertisements because advertisers have distinct target markets.


Facebook launched a tool that allows users to create films or other material and share earnings with creators. The revenue split between Facebook and the content producers is identical as that of YouTube: Makers receive 55% of advertising money, while Facebook receives 45%.

We will monetize our material using Facebook Monetization and share it with companies that want to help us. Therefore, we must follow all of Facebook’s preferences and rules in order to generate money.