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At Davos, the Real Star May Have Been China, Not Trump

Belt and Road takes its name from the idea that Beijing is spreading its influence along the ancient Silk Road that once linked imperial China to the Roman Empire and to the medieval Europe of Marco Polo. But that was not the only push to extend its presence abroad that …

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Canada testing ‘digital ID’ system that uses blockchain, biometrics to screen travellers – National

The Canadian government is helping to test a new airport security and screening system that will allow travellers to digitize and share travel documents and biometric information with authorities in advance. Launched at the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, Switzerland, the “Known Traveller Digital Identity” system aims to exploit …

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Trump and Davos: Not Exactly Best Friends, but Not Enemies Either

A year later, many of the business and political elites remain dismissive of him, privately rolling eyes and using words like “madman,” but there was excitement about economic growth, and the tax cuts and regulatory rollback he has ushered in. The real test of how the two sides will deal …

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