Homosexuality and Bisexuality

Somewhere, Away From It All

OLYMPIC PENINSULA, Wash. — Somewhere on the Olympic Peninsula, which extends from the northwest coast of Washington, a community has chosen to live independent of the public supply of water, electricity and other utilities on which most residents rely. Linked by a diffuse network of shared friends and land, they …

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Indonesia’s Crackdown on Gay Men: ‘It Doesn’t Get Better, Does It’

This week, prosecutors notified Mr. Handoko’s family that he had been sentenced in absentia to two years and three months in prison, convicted of violating Indonesia’s antipornography law, which includes a ban on striptease performances. Photo Some of the 141 men detained in the raid on the Atlantis sauna in …

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Victims of Canada’s ‘Gay Purge’ to Get Apology from Trudeau

Working on the theory that gays and lesbians were vulnerable to blackmail by the Soviet Union, a special unit of the Mounties began its efforts to remove them from the public service in the late 1950s. The program continued in the military up until 1992; Mr. Thwaites’s reassignment as a …

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