Agriculture and Farming

Somewhere, Away From It All

OLYMPIC PENINSULA, Wash. — Somewhere on the Olympic Peninsula, which extends from the northwest coast of Washington, a community has chosen to live independent of the public supply of water, electricity and other utilities on which most residents rely. Linked by a diffuse network of shared friends and land, they …

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Brazil Wavers on Environment, and Earth’s Largest Wetland Starts to Wither

Additionally, mapping data compiled by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics released earlier this month showed the country lost 9.5 percent of its forest land between 2000 and 2014. The expansion of agriculture into areas with few environmental regulations, or lax enforcement, has coincided with a politically turbulent period …

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Can a Wild Daisy Rejuvenate Croatia’s Farming Economy?

In 2015, Mr. Simunic, a veteran of Croatia’s early-1990s war for independence, ended a tumultuous 15-year career in local politics and joined the ranks of residents seeking some sort of financial boost from the curry plant. A local monastery of Benedictine nuns became partners with him, providing the 12 acres …

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