Weight loss: What are fat melting injections and do they work?

Fat melting injections go hand in hand with weight loss, to remove fat from specific areas of the face and body.

The fat dissolving injections are “useful for adults who have small areas of fat that are stubborn to shift,” said Dr Ross Perry, Aesthetic Consultant and founder of Cosmedics Clinics.

They are particularly effective for the removal of fat under the chin, also known as double chins, he said – this is a common problem area for those wanting to lose weight.

However, the procedure can also be used for fat on the stomach, thighs and ankles. 

But what are fat melting injections, and how exactly do they work?

Fat melting injection treatments are a cosmetic procedure which is gaining popularity in the UK.

“The injections contain a specially designed chemical to dissolve the fat by separating the molecules down into tiny particles,” explains Dr Perry.

This means the dissolved fat molecules can then be absorbed in the body’s natural drainage. 

The most known fat removal injection type in the UK is known as Belkyra.

It has already been used under the name Kybella in the United States and approved by the US FDA, or Food and Drug Administration.

Clinical trials have found the procedure to be effective at removing submental fat, which means fat under the chin,

Some 79 per cent of subjects who tried the treatment said they had improved satisfaction with their appearance.

Dr Ross recommends at least two to three treatment sessions in order to see results, and he charges from £300 per fat removal injection treatment at his clinic. 

But do the effects of fat melting injections last? Yes, he said: “As they remove the fat cells however healthy lifestyle is recommended to keep them gone.”

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