Trump OKs New Iran Sanctions, Forgoes Re-imposing Harsher Ones

President Donald Trump approved new sanctions on Iran Friday, while stopping short for a third time of re-imposing harsh sanctions intended to push Tehran to give up nuclear weapons research, according to a senior administration official.

Trump gave Congress and European allies 120 days to improve the agreement or face U.S. abandonment of the pact, and imposed new measures that target Iranian businesses and individuals.

The administration official said the sanctions are part of a broader effort to counter Iran’s “reckless” and “destabilizing behavior,” including actions related to the crackdown on protesters, at least 21 of whom have been killed.

“The United States will not stand by while the Iranian regime continues to engage in human rights abuses and injustice,” the official said. “We are targeting the head of Iranian regime, including the head of Iran’s judiciary for the appalling treatment of its citizens, including those imprisoned only for exercising their right to freedom of peaceful assembly and for censoring its own people as they stand up in protest of their government.”

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