The Analytics Guy Failed to Compute One Thing: How to Be Accepted in Mexico

“Managers don’t last very long down there,” Tarasco said in a recent interview. “It’s like duck, duck, goose.”

Still, Gonzalez and Salvador Quirarte, the Charros’ owner, retained Dahbura, finding value, for now, in his analytics.

Guadalajara, where the Charros play, will host the Caribbean Series, a contest for the champions of the Puerto Rican, Dominican, Venezuelan and Mexican leagues, in February, and the two men seem to want every possible advantage to help their team be Mexico’s representative.

Yet Dahbura’s connection to the team is entirely owed to Tarasco, who had collaborated with Dahbura for a decade.

Tarasco was the hitting instructor for the Hagerstown Suns, a minor league team, from 2008 to 2010. Dahbura, who bought a piece of the Suns in 2010, was known in baseball circles as Shag, for his penchant for shagging fly balls during batting practice to get a workout.

Dahbura and Tarasco bonded over a shared passion for the analytical threads underpinning the game, and Tarasco marveled at Dahbura’s background.

Born in the United States, Dahbura moved with his family to El Salvador when he was a young boy because his father was doing business there.. His love of baseball led him to announce the 1976 World Series on national television in El Salvador — at age 16.

In college at Johns Hopkins, where he studied computer science and is now on the faculty in that field, he was an outfielder for the team.

He eventually began his own analytics consulting business with his wife, who has a baseball lineage, too. Her uncle was Bobby Hofman, an infielder for the New York Giants in the 1950s, and she and Dahbura bonded over their mutual love of the game.

When Tarasco began managing the Charros in October, Dahbura would send detailed reports from his home in Maryland and, at Tarasco’s request, three possible lineups the night before each game — one conservative, one middle-of-the-road and one radical. They spoke often.

“Sometimes we were texting in the middle of the game,” Dahbura said.

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