Weight loss: Is cider vinegar the same as apple cider vinegar? The difference REVEALED

Is cider vinegar the same as apple cider vinegar? Those wanting to make the most of the drink’s benefits need not panic about which one to go for. 

Both can be regarded as the same thing and have been proven to have a positive impact on a person’s health. 

The difference between both products is what they are made from. 

Cider vinegar is usually made from apple, whereas cider vinegar can also be made from other fruits, for example raspberries. 

The process to make apple cider vinegar begins by fermenting apple juice (or another fruit juice) using a bacteria known as ‘Mother of Vinegar’ and yeast. 

The bacteria and yeast break down the apple’s sugars to acetic acid and magic acid, which give the vinegar its sour taste. 

So how can apple cider vinegar – or cider vinegar – help you lose weight

A study in Japan, published in 2009, showed that obese subjects who were given apple cider vinegar lost more weight than others who did not have the drink.

The test subjects were divided into three groups. One group was told to have a drink with one tablespoon of vinegar. Another had a drink with two tablespoons of vinegar, while the third group had a placebo.

Those who drank the vinegar lost more weight than those who drank the placebo, over a period of 12 weeks.

Studies have found apple cider vinegar burns fat, reduces fat storage and raises your metabolism – all of which are thought to help a person lose weight.

Why does apple cider help with weight loss?

Studies have found that apple cider vinegar helps you to lose weight because of the acid in the liquid, known as acetic acid.

The acid increases an enzyme AMPK, which scientists claim increases fat burning and decreases fat and sugar production.

Another study has found that people who drank a tablespoon of cider vinegar in water had lower glucose levels.

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