WATCH: Plane window comes LOOSE during flight in shocking viral video | Travel News | Travel

The short video, uploaded to Imgur, looks as if it has been filmed on a phone.

It starts off showing the view out of a window, with the plane’s wing visible above the clouds.

An idyllic scene, the clouds are orange thanks to the setting sun.

But horror is to follow, as the camera pans round to show the inside of the plane.

The person filming puts their hand out and reaches out to the window.

They pull on the window, and show the inner part of it is loose and comes away easily.

Luckily the outer part, which separates the plane from the outside world, looks to be securely fixed.

Over 485,000 people have watched the clip, and hundreds have commented.

One person wrote: “Omg that pat made me lose it”.

Another said: “Oh my ****** God. As soon as I sat down I’d’ve been like ‘Can I change flights?’”.

But many others commented to reveal the inner window coming away like that is not dangerous.

One said: “Not a structural part. Fear not!”

Another commented: “Planes have two layers of glass. You’re fine. Just don’t apply pressure of any kind to the outside pane.”

And one wrote: “Interior paneling is just to make it look nice.”

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