Swear Bear! People Think There’s A Hidden F-Bomb In ‘Paddington’ Christmas Ad

Some people believe a new Christmas ad featuring beloved children’s character Paddington includes a four-letter word other than “bear.”

The spot for U.K. retailer Marks & Spencer features Paddington mistaking a burglar for Santa Claus

Typical Paddington high jinks ensue, and by the end the burglar ― whom Paddington still believes to be Santa ― seems to have discovered the true meaning of Christmas. 

“Thank you, little bear,” he says.

Some believe the faux Santa didn’t say “thank you” but rather a phrase that would almost certainly put him on the naughty list:  

Some people are convinced:  

But not everyone hears the burglar swear at the bear:  

The new “Paddington” film will be released in the United States in January.  

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